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Potential consequences that a company may face when it reaches a state of insolvency.


A CCJ is a court order that may be issued if your company fails to repay a debt. It can impact your credit rating and may lead to further legal actions if the debt remains unpaid.

Statutory Demand

A statutory demand is a formal demand for payment issued by a creditor. If the debt is not settled within a specified period, the creditor may take further legal action.

Petition to Wind Up

Creditors may file a petition to wind up your company, which could result in liquidation. This is a serious legal process that involves selling the company's assets to repay debts.


Suppliers and customers may cease or alter their interactions with the company to mitigate their own risks in the face of insolvency.

Lenders Calling in Security

Secured creditors, such as banks, may call in security, which means they can demand repayment of loans or seize assets pledged as security.

Director's Personal Liability

Directors may face personal liability for company debts if there is evidence of wrongful or fraudulent trading.

Bank Accounts Frozen

In severe cases of insolvency, bank accounts may be frozen, restricting the company's ability to operate and make financial transactions.

These are the financial challenges we can assist you with

Discover a tailored suite of services designed to simplify the process of selling your company, even with existing debts.

Bounce back loan
Company Overdrafts
Asset Finance
VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax
Credit Cards
Trade creditors
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If your company has £10,000 or more in unsecured debts, this option might be suitable for you. Especially consider it if you wish to preserve your funds, inventory, and assets.

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Ready to part ways with your company, debts and all?

At Bounceback Solutions, we specialize in connecting buyers with companies facing debt hurdles. Our expertise lies in sourcing companies that have been registered for several years and businesses with decades of trading experience. These entities are duly registered for VAT, PAYE, and CIS, ensuring a comprehensive and well-established business foundation.


We undertake the responsibility for all historical, current, and future unsecured debts and liabilities associated with the company.


The sale of shares is facilitated by our team of accountants and solicitors.

about us

Who We Are

Bounceback Solutions is a brokerage agent that identifies companies, whether with or without debts, for our clients. We currently have clients prepared to purchase companies, even those with existing debts. In the process of acquiring your company, our client (the buyer) will be obtaining its shares.  

Why Choose Us

Our service comes with several benefits.

Benefit from the knowledge and proficiency of our seasoned professionals.

Insolvency Practitioners

We provide support without the need for insolvency practitioners.

Not on the Insolvency Register

Your company won't be listed on the Insolvency Register.


Our solution is more cost-effective  than a Company Voluntary Arrangement.

Retention of Money & Assets

You maintain control of your money and assets.

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Client Success Stories

Read about the experiences of clients who successfully sold their companies with our assistance. Their stories showcase the reliability and effectiveness of our services.

"Highly recommended!

Selling our company which struggled with bounce back loan  repayments seemed like a daunting task, but the expertise and guidance provided by the team were truly invaluable. Their strategic approach and comprehensive understanding of the market not only facilitated a smooth transaction but also ensured the best possible outcome for us."


"Grateful for expertise!

The decision to sell our company with debt liabilities  was not an easy one, Max Vale made the experience surprisingly seamless. His  knowledge of the industry and negotiation skills were crucial in finding a buyer who not only appreciated our business but also took on the financial responsibilities."

Olga V

"A truly commendable service!

I had reservations about selling our company , Mr Max Vale handled the entire process with utmost professionalism. Their team navigated through the complexities, offering sound advice and finding a buyer who was willing to assume our existing financial obligations."

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